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Welcome to TFGirls Subber Team Community~!

welcome tfgirls

tfgirls_team is an Indonesian subber team. We are fangirl family who translates and subs anything related to Ikuta Toma, starting from his J-web to videos. In doing our project, we often provide bilingual translation, English and Indonesian.

Our entries are locked for members only, and the membership is moderated. For those who are interested in joining, here are steps that should be done:

1. Make sure you have a LiveJournal account. We WOULD NOT accept any account that log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

2. Please read and understand these rules :

a. DO NOT UPLOAD our project to any streaming sites, including Youtube, Dailymotion, Tudou, Veoh, Facebook, Dramacrazy and so on.

b. DO NOT RE-POST our project elsewhere or share our links outside this community.

c. This is a FREE Fansubs, selling or auctioning our project for personal profit is EXTREMELY PROHIBITED.

d. YOU MAY RE-TRANSLATE our subbed videos into another language, but please be informed that WE DON'T PROVIDE any softsubs.

e. DO NOT RE-TRANSLATE our translation of Toma's J-Web/Magazine into another language without permission.

f. Please RESPECT Ikuta Toma, our team members and TFGirls community members.

Any community members who doesn't obey the rules will receive severe punishment.

3. Please write a comment, consisting information below:

a. What's your name? Where do you come from?

b. Re-write the above rules with your own words and promise us that you will obey it.

c. How do you know Ikuta Toma? What Ikuta Toma's dramas/movies that you likes the most? Why?

If you are an Indonesian, you are allowed to use Bahasa Indonesia to answer these 3 questions)

4. DO NOT FORGET to click "Join this community" button. Please do the steps in well order. Any request without comment WILL NOT be accepted. All comments are screened, so only the one give a comment and the moderators who could see the comment.

5. Be patience while waiting us to accept the request (one week at the maximum).

Thank you for visiting our page, see you soon. :)


tfgirls Staff
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